Monday, 11 March 2013

Winter's back - or is it?

Unless you woke up this morning in the Med or the Bahamas you'll have noticed it's cold again.

It's actually strangely cold for the middle of March, and the bad news - it's going to turn wintry again.

But that's just what the experts say, for the real story we need look no further than the reliable Admiral Fitzroy.

The weather glass has undergone a dramatic change over the past 24 hours with the crystals swelling to almost triple the size they were this time last week.

The solution is virtually packed with huge fluffy flakes, compared to seven days ago when the clear liquid had a layer of crystals at the bottom. There are some floating on top as well.

So - leaving aside the dire forecasts for more snow and ice this week, what can we tell from the storm glass.

"Should large flakes show themselves in the solution, the forecast will be thick air, overcast sky and snow in the winter months.

"If crystals are at the bottom of the liquid, then heavy air or frost in winter."

Well there is no doubting that prediction.

I would think it is pretty safe to say wrap up warm, another blast of winter is on the way.

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