Sunday, 24 March 2013

Come on Admiral Fitzroy - do something about this grim weather

Ok, I've had enough.

It’s almost the beginning of April but to look outside you would think it is December.

It’s not just that it’s cold, yes really cold, the sky is a dull, deathly grey and even the extra hour and a half daylight does little to temper the winter misery which refuses to loosen its grip.

This is the coldest and most foul run up to Easter I think I can remember.

And just to add insult to injury, this time last year it was 20C - almost 70F.

That’s right, hotter than Ibiza.

Is there any point in asking Admiral Fitzroy what the next week has in store? I think we all know.

Go on, let’s have a look at the storm glass and see if it holds any glimmer of hope.

The crystals are sitting on the bottom of the tube, and have taken the formation of small ‘stars’.

If the liquid contains small stars on sunny winter days, then snow is coming. 

If there are crystals at the bottom, this indicates frost.

Not altogether unexpected. Most forecasters agree this week is going to be another seven days of winter misery.

And don’t be thinking it’s going to get better in time for the bank holiday - it isn’t.

In fact there is a distinct possibly it could get worse again by the end of the week.

I did say at the beginning of the month it was going to be dire.


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