Monday, 25 February 2013

More cold weather Admiral Fitzroy?

So far so good - the Admiral Fitzroy weather glass said it would be cold over the past week and nobody can say it has been anything other than bitter.

Temperatures have dipped to -10C and below in some parts, with snow even as far south as London.

But it's almost spring, surely the end to this cold weather must be in sight?

There's a saying that March can "come in like a tiger and go out like a lion", or the other way round, and it so far it feels like it might.

But what do the crystals have to say?

Well - they are big and flaky, in a clear solution with a few floating on the top.

If crystals are at the bottom then expect heavy air or frost in winter. Snow in winter months.

I do hope it is wrong this time, but so far, Admiral Fitzroy has a pretty clean record.

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