Monday, 4 February 2013

A new big freeze? Let's ask Admiral Fitzroy

As you know, I have been seeking Admiral Fitzroy's expert opinion on the weather on a weekly basis for this blog.

Of course I mean the Admiral Fitzroy weatherglass which sits on my desk.

I must point out that this exercise is for the purpose of this blog only - for my other weather reporting duties I rely on more established sources like the Met Office and established long-range forecasters.

However, Admiral Fitzroy has so far nailed a big freeze and a week of storms.

So what has he in store for this week?

Bad news I am afraid, if you are averse to the snow.

Big crystals at the bottom of the liquid with a couple on top:

Snow in winter months, then heavy air or frost.

Coincidentally, it is feeling a bit nippy.

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