Monday, 28 January 2013

After the big freeze what next? Time to consult the good Admiral

So - Admiral Fitzroy was spot on last week, he predicted snow and sure enough the whole country was left under a four-inch carpet of the stuff.

But what has he in store for the next seven days? It certainly feels milder, but what do the crystals have to say?

The liquid has gone slightly murky and the crystals are much smaller than they were last week.

Most of them have settled on the bottom of the tube, although there are one or two stragglers in the solution.


The weather will turn to rain if not already, windy weather is likely.


  1. Where and how high do you keep your storm glass? I rec'd one for Christmas just like yours and have had nothing but clear liquid and crystals at the bottom despite the weather outside.

  2. Hi Karen. I keep it in on a desk (normal height) in an unheated room. It seems to be temperature dependant, so I am pretty confident central heating would interfere. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

  3. Hahaha is this why you're so crap at predicting the weather at The Express, you relying on meteorology techniques pioneered in the middle of the 19th Century!

    Christ on a bike