Saturday, 29 December 2012

Don't mention the 'C' word ... at least for another year

Christmas already feels a million miles past, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

After weeks gearing up for what is essentially handing out a few gifts followed by an excessively big dinner it’s all over in a matter of hours.

Let’s face it, by 6 o’clock on Christmas evening most of us are knackered, bloated, and have hit a sugar rush peak not just from too much Christmas pudding, but from an excess of bubble-gum sweetness that oozes out of every pore of the occasion.

The comforting glow from watching ET for the 153rd time on Christmas Eve turns to irritation when the television is still dishing up technicoloured Disney schmaltz on New Year’s Eve.

I’m not suffering from a sort of delayed Ebenezer Scrooge syndrome, but there is only so much saccharine I can take.

So it’s good I had a few whinges up my sleeves to contribute to the festive viewing.

Namely a couple of shows where journos, celebs and various pundits vent their spleen about the things that irritate them.

The first was a chance to give a dressing down to the rich and famous who have shown less than angelic behaviour during the past year.

Channel 5’s Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of 2012 was aired on Boxing Day, although it is still available to watch on Demand 5.

The show is a rundown of 50 of the rich and famous’s direst antics over the past 12 months, and believe me there have been a few.

I was not aware of quite how tawdry the goings on in tinsel town really are until I recorded the show.

From shoplifting cooks to gun-toting honorary royals it’s all there, and with hearty comment from the panel of experts.

I’ve been known to write the odd showbiz yarn for the Express when our resident glitz-guru (who also appears on the show) is away, but I am more of a consumer affairs/ health/ weather man.

However, I was delighted with not just the 'showbiz journalist' title, but the chance to be seen sitting in a fluorescent, glitzy cocktail bar for the night, I think I blend in quite well...... 

I had my say on the affairs of the overpaid and oversexed, and managed to vent my post-Christmas angst angst a few weeks in advance.

There have been a host of “50 most...” this and that’s on television over the festive season and the next, to which I have contributed at least, is 50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise, Channel 5, New Year’s Day, 9pm.

As with all of these things, it is touch and go as to how much air-time you are given.

But it promises to be an interesting program whatever, so worth a watch.

So here's to the passing of the festive season, and to the ushering in of a new year.

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  1. A big plug for Channel 5

    Did Richard "Dirty Des" Desmond tell you to write this?