Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Phillip Schofield ruffles feathers by eating Guinea Pig

Oh lay off Schofe you bunch of hypocrites.

For anyone who hasn’t heard, one half of our favourite tv presenting duo Phillip Schofield has spent the past couple of weeks in Peru.

During the trip he was presented with a roasted Guinea pig,  served up to give him a taste of the local delicacy.

Before tucking in, Schofe took a quick snap and tweeted a picture of a very crispy Guinea pig to his followers with a message saying it was “gamier” than rabbit.

“Meat lovely, skin not so much,” he added.

Not an unusual observation if you are tucking into a traditional dish in South America which you are not so familiar with.

But it didn’t take long for the holier than thou brigade to get stuck in.

Before long our Phil was being targeted by "animal lovers" accusing him of cruelty, daring to eat something we keep as pets in the UK, and questioning his morality.

Oh for God’s sake.

Now this is where I take real issue, and this issue extends to sanctamonious vegetarians who scowl as you tuck into a chicken breast while they nibble at their “animal-friendly” battery-farmed eggs and intensively-produced cheese.

Meat is murder they tell us, killing animals for food is wrong and cruel.

Yes, and that milk came from a cow called Daisy merrily trotting round a field being milked once a every two weeks by fair-handed maiden.

Get real you pompous bunch.

I considered becoming a vegetarian once because I love animals and I detest any form of animal cruelty.

Having covered stories exposing cruelty in slaughterhouses, not to mention the evil that is foie gras, I wanted nothing more to do with the abuse of animals.

But  this is where the problem lies. Meat – actual flesh – is a tiny drop in the ocean of animal exploitation we carry out as a race.

Give up eating animal flesh if you want, but you will not even scratch the surface.

A vegetarian once peered at me, over my chicken sandwich, and said she gave up eating meat because she "discovered her morals".

The same friend thought nothing of plastering her face with make up (tested on animals), wearing silk (boiled silk worms), eating eggs and cheese (intensively and questionably farmed), taking medicines (tested on animals), drinking wine (cleared using fish gut enzymes), eating food colouring (ground beetle shells), the list could go on and on.

I remember thinking she may as well have ordered the steak with the amount of animal products she gets through, so please get off your high horse and don’t lecture me.

To the vegan who tells me I should be eating tofu and drinking soya milk.

Soya is intensively farmed and hugely damaging to the environment – its production therefore involves killing animals, thousands of them, less probably than if you were to choose to chicken.

Back to Schofe and he seems to offended a few people with Guinea pig-gate.

To me this is the worst hypocrisy of all, berating someone for not selectively avoiding pretty animals.

Phillip has, quite rightly, blasted his critics while reinforcing his stance that he is against animal cruelty.

Again, via Twitter he wrote:  “‘I’m opposed to illegal and cruel animal trafficking and all cruel animal farming. I have publicly opposed it & will continue to do so.

“I will not however impose a colonial British view on what other cultures eat as they’re national dishes. Though I’m opposed to cruelty.”

Well said Schofe and to the rest of you, wake up and smell the Guinea Pig.

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