Monday, 12 November 2012

Ann Widdecombe dances into the nation's good books

I do love Ann Widdecombe.

Of all the singers, dancers, reality wannabes, politicians, presenters and other celebrities that grace our screens, Widde comes at the very top of the tree when it comes to grace, decorum and just plain wholesomeness.

She delivers every piece of advice with a cutting but gentle eloquence, and speaks common sense like she invented the definition of the term.

She most recently, warned I’m A Celebrity contestant Nadine Dorries that her dignity might not emerge from the jungle intact.

The wise old sage told the MP, who has signed up to this year's bush tucker career killer, that she risks becoming a figure of fun the next time she has to deal with serious people like chief constables, ministers and us journos.

Too late Nadine!

Of course Ann has put herself up for the odd bit of Mick taking with her notoriously bad performances on Strictly Come Dancing.

But she delivered it all with such Dunkirk spirit, against a tide of criticism which would have left most tossing their dancing shoes onto the bonfire.

Totally aware that she was not much good, she brazenly said she enjoyed the experience and didn’t really care what people thought of her Foxtrot.

Her grace and style on the dance floor has even won the affections of the Pope, it has emerged.

Last week she received a letter from the Vatican informing her she is to be made a Dame of the Order of St Gregory, the highest honour for a member of the laity.

The letter gushes: “The Holy Father is appointing you a Dame of St Gregory for your forthright and devoted adherence to the Church’s moral and social teaching.

The ever modest Ann said: “I am very proud and honoured.”

Back to her dancing, and rumour has it she will be reinventing some of her famous moves for Friday’s Children in Need appeal.

I can’t wait.

Of course me and Widde have shared the odd moment, she  let me give her a twirl on the South Bank once.

It was a privilege and something that, I am sure, will be ingrained on our memories for ever.

Whenever I see her we have a chuckle about it, so I am sure it is up there with her top moments – maybe....

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