Thursday, 20 September 2012

Watered down plonk?? You must be joking!

I thought I would share a letter I received from a Daily Express reader I received today in response to an article I wrote this week.

Briefly, the piece highlighted more older people are choosing to drink lighter, weaker wines instead of the traditional robust varieties.

It is down to retired folk enjoying boozy lunches, apparently, but not wanting to end up under the table.

Not being a drinker myself the thought of alcohol at lunchtime fills me with horror, even one glass of wine after 7pm leaves me slumped in a chair.

So a gentler plonk might be just up my street, if I ever decide to take up the habit again.

Not so for Mrs Mary Ward, who penned a letter to highlight her amazement that anyone would consider drinking anything that had the strength zapped out of it:

Dear Nathan Rao,

I had to laugh when I read your article in the Daily Express Tuesday, Sept 18.
I am a retired lady, I would certainly not buy any wine less than 12 pc vol.
I do not have wine at lunchtime, only in the evening will I have it.
Next week I am hosting a cheese and wine evening in my little flat and my wine will be 13 pc vol, plus lots to eat.
There is no point in having a low vol wine as far as I am concerned.
Surely if one is honest, one has a tipple to give one a lift (well I do).

Thanks again,

Yours sincerely, 

Mary Ward (Mrs)

No, thank you Mary, it was lovely of you to write.

And you keep on taking a tipple if it makes you happy.

Enjoy your cheese and wine evening, although you have not persuaded me to start on the strong stuff!

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