Thursday, 13 September 2012

The end of the Olympics - didn't they do well

Now the Olympics and Paralympics have come to a complete close, I must take the time to say how well organised the entire operation was.

I say this because prior to the event I was quite vocal in my anticipation of complete chaos.

I was critical of Transport for London, and doubted their ability to keep the capital moving during the Games period.

However, it has all run smoothly.

I have had the odd gripe over the past seen weeks, like why close the pedestrian crossing on Lower Thames Street? Forcing everyone who still had to go to work to duck and dodge between cars and lorries tearing down the road.

And there were some silly rules enforced at Tube stations, like officials telling passengers not to use certain exits resulting in mayhem as we were herded round to alternative ones.

But these irritations have been minimal in comparison to what I was expecting.

Not to mention the organisation of the Games themselves, and the effort put in by all out athletes.

I was impressed again today when, on my way to work, I discovered the Olympic Lanes have been removed. Vanished.

In the space of less than a week someone has been along and covered them all up.

All that remains are a scattering of dark patches where once lay the five Olympic rings.

If only this country could run with such efficiency all of the time.

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