Monday, 10 September 2012

Phillip Schofield's "Daily Mail" slip up raises a laugh at the Express

It is good to have Phillip and Holly back on This Morning.

If you are not a viewer they have returned after being off for the summer.

And they have remained as fond of our weather coverage at the Express than they ever were.

They asked me for a couple of lines for the newspaper review today and I was more than happy to oblige.

But I was not prepared for the next bit.

Phil made a special effort to remind viewers I was weather "correspondant for the Daily Mail".

At this point myself and the rest of the Daily Express operation were sat in the office glued to the screen.

There was more than a slight gasp, followed by a round of chuckles as I was almost given my marching orders.

I did see the funny side, and television legend Phillip hastily backtracked and corrected himself.

And then went on, prompted by Holly to reference heat spikes, which I have discussed a few times on the show.

Phillip  tweeted me later in the day to apologise about the mail gaffe.

I forgive you Phil, as it always brightens my day when you give me a bit of a plug on the show.

And I can thank you for having been the butt of a bit of fleet street humour today!

Anyway and back to the weather and it is behaving as freakishly as it always does with a week of mayhem on the way.

Hurricane Leslie, currently swirling across the Atlantic is due to whip her/ his (?) tail across the tip of the UK at the end of this week.

So watch out for torrential rain and storms especially in the north. There is even the chance of snow in Scotland

The south will escape the worst although expect showers and gusts.

Whoever thought you could get four seasons in the space of  a week in the UK?! - Ahhh our Great British weather!!

Phillip, Holly, hope to see you soon for more weather fun and frolics....

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