Thursday, 6 September 2012

Man v Food - a sorry reflection on our desire for entertainment

There is something extremely unpalatable about television programmes showing people trying to eat as much as they can as a challenge.

There is one advertised on the Food Network – Man Vs Food –I think it is called. The trailer shows a big fat American man slavering and flexing his muscles before stuffing bucket fulls of food into his mouth.

You are also shown steaks the size of car tyres and mountains of chips being loaded onto a plate for someone to prove their manliness by putting themselves on the other side of.

Watching makes me feel nauseous to say the least, and it is not because I am imagining tucking In.

There is something very upsetting about seeing people abusing food in this a way.

I say this for a number of reasons.

Leaving aside the obesity crisis in  the west while parts of the world starve to death, how can stuffing your stomach full of disproportionate volumes of food be considered an achievement?

Are we really that desperate?

The human population is growing at a staggering rate and putting a growing strain on the environment.

Whether this is part of nature’s plan or not I don’t think we will ever know, but what I do know is as we are soaking up the earth's reserves at a rate of knots.

So to show such disrespect for food, which has been farmed, grown and produced all at a cost to the environment, in this way is disgusting.

There is another issue. These steaks, and burgers and racks of ribs have all come from animals which have been slaughtered to feed humans.

Living creatures have been bred and killed just so we can have the privilege of being able to eat meat if we choose to.

So to sit gagging, and laughing while  throwing around parts of dead animals,coughing bits up heaving and spewing is nothing short of revolting.

I feel the same way about “food fights”, throwing around parts of animals which have been killed to put food on the table for humans – disgraceful.

Whatever your thoughts on meat products and vegetarianism, surely no-one agrees with killing living creatures and then abusing them for entertainment.

These programmes are a  sorry reflection on how low we have sunk to feed our constant desire for toe-curling forms of entertainment.

It is the same as watching celebrities stuffing maggots and stick insects into their mouths and applauding themselves if they manage to swallow.

Abuse of animals just so a group of has-beens can re-ignite their failed careers - pathetic.


  1. Oh shut up and grow a pair, you veggie loving dork.

  2. is it real? who is gonna it such a giant burger?

  3. I usually don't watch this kind of program, but I rather enjoy Man v. Food. I think it might be because of Richman; he kind of reminds me of Dave Attell on Insomniac.

    Plus I like the way he smacked that critic down at the end of the piece.
    ALOKA UST-5546