Monday, 24 September 2012

A bit of medieval torture - in the name of journalism

I do love my job.

It gives me the opportunity to do so many things I would otherwise never have the chance to.

Schmoozing with rich and famous, presenting wacky weather forecasts on national television shows, stuttering over my words in front of potentially the future Queen of Great Britain.

Getting strapped to a rack and stretched by a muscle-bound personal trainer.

Yes you heard right, but don’t worry I have not turned kinky.

And my dabble in S and M, medieval style, involved no leather.

I was also dangled upside down, but not wanting to give any more away, I am going to say all will become clear in a near future edition of the Daily Express - I’l let you know.

I have been know to lie on my back for the Express, while probes explore what is going on in my head as I try to get to sleep.

I have also been put through my paces in a four-minute workout.

But this was a first, even for me.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when to pick up the world’s greatest to find exactly what went on.

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