Thursday, 2 August 2012

What's with all this cupcake nonsense?

Just for the record, these are fairy cakes.

Remember them? Fairy cakes, they brighten up the table at birthday parties, are laid out for sale at school fetes.

Remember the labels from school? “Home made fairy cakes”,  recall taking a letter home inviting you to make fairy cakes for the school cake sale?

Everyone surely remembers fairy cakes, I certainly do.

What I don't get is this sudden change to calling them cupcakes. What is that all about?

Why have we adopted a ridiculous new name for something which has featured in British tea parties for years, happily called the fairy cake?

Probably for the same reason we are now calling petrol “gas”, local shops “local stores”, motorways “highways”, pubs “bars”, and films “movies” - the list could go on for pages.

Now, I have to be careful what I say for fear of earning my own label of racist, intolerant or  xenophobic at a time when free speech is being gradually eroded by political correctness.

But is is obvious, we are gradually being morphed into Americans.

And this cupcake nonsense is probably the most irritating example of the lot.

I can just about stand going into Starbucks and asking for an ”Americano” instead of a black coffee, or people shrieking “Happy Hallowe’en” every October 31.

I smile through gritted teeth when listening to young people punctuate their sentences with "like” 50 times - “I was like, so angry and he was like not bothered, it was like what’s the problem, but he was like....”.

I think you should ...... like ..... go back to English lessons.

I say nothing when people express their sadness at another’s misfortune with an eruption of “that’s too bad”, and I turn a blind eye to the reply “I’m good” after asking how someone is.

I just about forge a civil response when someone welcomes me with "morning dude".

But enough is enough -  leave our fairy cakes alone.

(Disclaimer: I do love America - I just love British English more!)

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