Monday, 13 August 2012

The olympics are over, and it has been a triumph

Before I get into the post-Olympic analysis, it is important to remember that in two weeks we have the Paralympic Games which are just as important for the people taking part.

That said, there is a definite dip in mood today as the country, and the world starts to get back to normality after what I has been a truly extraordinary two weeks.

For me, the event has brought a total turnaround in attitude, from dreading it for the past year to being happy and thankful for having been a part of it all.

I approached the Games from the most anti-Olympic stance  you could imagine.

I am not interested in sport, I was dreading the chaos on the transport networks and I couldn’t see the point of the colossal seven-year effort for what is effectively a two-week event.

I was convinced the roads would seize up, the trains would grind to a halt and the whole thing would be nothing but one big inconvenience.

I am glad I was wrong, and if it has taught me anything, it is to expect the best because it usually happens.

I was hooked from day one, after being mesmerised by the opening ceremony, after that I could not wait for it all to begin.

I then started getting into the events, counting our Gold medals, and taking an interest in the sporting achievements of the truly inspiring people taking part.

Even if you are not into sport, it has been a fantastic fortnight  because there is so much more to it than running and diving and throwing balls.

The Olympics have brought the country together in a bizarre unity that has been evident in almost every aspect of British life.

The transport systems have been well-managed and efficient, people have stood together in pride and delight at various wins and successes, and apparently even the crime rate has fallen.

The capital has been electric with Olympic excitement and a positive energy that has lifted everyone’s mood.

The trains have been buzzing with people talking about the events, and people from all over the world have been enjoying a great time in our wonderful capital city.

This morning as I stepped onto the train, it was much quieter than it has been, and lacking much of the energy of the past two weeks.

The airports are busy getting everyone back to their homes and, at least for the next two weeks, things will begin to get back to normal.

For me, the Games have shown me that when needed, we can all put the effort in and pull off a really good job.

It is important not to fall into the come down which comes at the end of something that has been so much fun. It’s a bit like taking down the Christmas decorations.

There has been so much positivity, achievement, pulling together and celebration that I am going to make the most of the fantastic taste that has been left in my mouth.

Well done and thank you for to everyone involved at every level for doing Great Britain so proud.

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