Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hot spell of weather on the way next week

With the Paralympics snatching the limelight over the next 12 days it seems the weather may risk taking a bit of a back seat over the next few days.

However, that does not mean there is not a lot of great meteorological stuff coming up.

On the contrary, there may be a bit of blast of summer on the way next week.

So I am duty-bound to keep the national obsession ticking over on here while sporting events take precedence in the papers.

Met Office forecaster Barry Gromett said there is an “Azores high” pressure system on the way for the south pushing temperatures up.

By Monday there is the distinct possibility some regions, including London could be enjoying some highs in the late 70s or early 80s (that’s aound 28C).

He said: “We then have an Azores High pressure system which will keep the south much drier and temperatures will start to rise across England and Wales.”

And Vantage Weather Services’ Jonathan Powell said the rain will give way by the weekend with the south enjoying a burst of warmth next week.

He said temperatures will peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the sunny picture set to last until the middle of September.

However he warned it is likely to be the “last hurrah” before the autumn sets in towards the end of the month.

“The hot spell has shifted a little into Monday, but then we will see quite a change,” he told me.

“I think 90F is quite achievable in sheltered areas of the south, and it is going to stay warm for quite a while, we are looking at the middle of September.

“But this is likely to be the last extreme heat spike of the summer, after that it looks like settling down.”

Netweather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite said temperatures in the south will start to rise by the weekend although it will be cool in the north with even the chance of frost.

He said: “The weekend sees high pressure take more control, so although some more rain is likely across the northern half of the country on Saturday, by Sunday - barring some patchy, light rain running down across England and Wales must places will be dry with some good sunny spells. 

“Temperatures will on the up too with the low-mid twenties the peak by this stage.”

Although the south can look forward to a long-awaited stretch of summer, the north is warned to expect a much cooler, wetter picture.

Temperatures in the region will struggle to rise much above 60F (15.5C) with rain likely throughout the next few weeks.

Extreme heat in the south is expected to fizzle out mid-month although long-range forecasters said the whole of autumn is likely to see high temperatures.

Weather Services International said September will be warmer and drier than average with the good weather lasting until November.

Senior meteorologist Martin Leeson said: “After some unsettled weather with average temperatures through the rest of August, September will be drier and slightly warmer than average. 

“That scenario will continue in October and November with the drier and warmer-than-average conditions continuing.”

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