Friday, 27 July 2012

The Olympics are upon us - let the Games commence

The only thing on the nation’s lips today is of course the first day of the London 2012 Olympics - so I suppose I had better join in.

I am not that interested truth be told, but today being the first day, I can concede to it being  a bit of an occasion.

Though even I shall no doubt be bored of it all this time on Sunday.

The sporting events don’t really do it for me, the only thing I can say I am vaguely fussed about is seeing  the opening ceremony tonight.

I have, however, enjoyed  the buzz around London this week. There has been a real vibe in the air of something big about to happen.

Anyway, the time is upon us, the entire world will have its eyes on Stratford tonight and for the next six weeks.

I was a little bit caught up in the momentum when the Olympic torch passed by the Daily Express today.

So before the fun starts, here is a video of the Gloriana bearing the legendary flame as it passed along the Thames towards Tower bridge.


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