Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Madonna puts on flawless and breathtaking performance in Hyde Park- and fans loved it

With the effort her die-hard critics put into trying to knock her, it amazes me just how Madonna has managed to remain at the top for more than 30 years.
But they were out again in force this morning, slagging her off for daring to put on such an elaborate performance “at her age”.
For not emerging on stage in Hyde Park last night dressed "more appropriately", what were you expecting? Mary Whitehouse? 
And for, well, still being here after decades of effort from detractors trying to knock her off her perch.
But on her perch she most certainly was, giving one of the most spectacular, energetic and polished performances I have ever seen.
Really? Not according to the fans I was standing with DM. If there was a roof on Hyde Park they would have raised it, as would the thousands around us who had packed out the place.
The Mail also claimed fans staged a mass walk out, really?  Again, I was there and I didn’t see that.
All I saw were thousands upon thousands lapping up another sensational Madonna experience despite the long queues to get in, and the splattering of rain during the show.
Even po-faced Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner was on Twitter this morning saying he did not enjoy the show.

That’s not how it seemed from where I was standing (I was just next to him), he appeared to love every minute of it.

When I challenged him this morning he claimed he was just “making the most of the situation”.

Are you sure you were not just putting you critical vocal cords into gear just for the sake of it Jason?
The truth of the matter is this.
Madonna, now 53 (not 54 yet Jason), arrived on the pop scene in 1982, around the same time as Abba, The Human League, Diana Ross, and the Pointer Sisters were filling the charts.
She did not appear through X Factor, A Star is Manufactured, Pop-shmopp Idol or any of the  other bubble gum clone-generating machines that dominate the music scene today.
She came up through working the clubs, making demos, getting her records played and clawing her way into the industry.
Fast forward 30 years, and she is the only one out of the massive list of those who have come and gone who can claim to still be on top.
Only Madonna has managed to stand the test of time, the rest have long since fallen by the wayside, and would not have a hope of packing out Hyde Park with tickets at £200 a pop.

So what did the Queen of Pop dish up last night?
The show was as polished and brilliantly executed as every one of her previous on-stage extravaganzas has been.
She delivered a two-hour set of flawless dance routines carried out with athletic precision, a broad set of tracks from the new album, and a few oldies for good measure.
The choreography was as tight as it was 20 years ago, and she worked the crowd with the same effortless mastery.
It must really gall those who are holding out for her to fall flat on her face, but it seems you are going to have to wait a bit longer.
You criticised her for wearing skimpy outfits, when actually all they did was show off her toned, athletic work-of-art body.
You slagged her off for not “calming it down at her age” - I think that stems from envy watching a 53-year-old put on a two-hour energy-charged routine when you probably struggle to manage 10 minutes in the gym before breaking into a sweat.
You say she is “no longer relevant”, haha! Tell that to the tireless army of mimics who appear year after year desperately trying to pull off the same tricks before falling flat on their wannabe faces.
My verdict of last night, and I will admit to being a little biased, a magnificent night of entertainment by the true master who never fails to deliver something new, daring, and worth every penny of the ticket price.
And from what I saw the rest of the audience loved it.
Mass walk outs? Maybe it is time you came up with something original.

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