Monday, 16 July 2012

Madonna bares her breast again in Paris

Hmmm - where do I go with this one?
It is difficult to criticise someone you have admired for more than 25 years.
But, I have to be honest. I really don’t like Madonna getting her boobs out.

However, she has done it again (clip below), this time in Paris before MDNA wrapped up to  hit  London tomorrow.
The tour is of course already a classic Madonna show - racy, cutting-edge, honed and polished.
Through her slick production, sculpted body and flawless performance, she has once again put all the Britneys, Gagas and Katy Perrys of this world firmly back in their wannabe box, proving without any doubt that there is, and will only ever be, one Madonna.
But the striptease bothers me. I just don’t think she needs to go there anymore, and I can’t fathom out why she has.
Madonna has always been first to set the agenda quickly evolving onto something new before it had a chance to go stale.
She has always launched into a brand new genre before her myriad of clones had even worked out which one of her iconic trends to copy that day.

Here's a little look at those who have tried:

Madonna 1990

Kylie 1991

This is what the Mail had to say the following day


Madonna 1993

Britney Spears 2003


Madonna 1990

Lady Gaga 2011


Madonna 1990

Katy Perry 2012

See what I mean? It's quite sweet really, although a little sad.

Lady Gaga is nothing but pure, inferior imitation. Kylie (bless her) has always been a good few steps behind, and all the “raunchy”, “powerful”, “I’m my own woman” copycats only ever serve to highlight Madonna as the true master.
She has always led the way, and over the past 15 years has become softer, yet still remaining slick, focussed and the master of her craft.
The new Madonna was still as fresh and exciting as all her other transformations, just different, and as she is due to turn 54, a bit more fitting.
So I don’t understand why we have suddenly flipped  back to the 1991 sex theme.
It’s all a bit, well, 1991.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think she is the greatest, supremely above any other artist in the world, and always will be.
But I just don’t get this one - clip below, make your own mind up.
Anyway, onwards and upwards, I shall be at Hyde Park tomorrow with bells on when MDNA hits the UK.
And if she gives us a flash, I shall turn the other way, but I am hoping she won’t.


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