Friday, 6 July 2012

Crap Service of the Week Award - who else? TfL (again)

I just give up, I really do.
Crap Service of the Week Award time again, so,  who do we think?
Who delivers total bogwash with finely-tuned reliability, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year?
Why who else - our dearest, beloved, totally off-the-scale, teeth-grindingly annoying,  utterly skid-marked pants Transport for London.
Remember the escalator at Monument Station? The one that spent nine months "being repaired" although there was never an engineer in sight.
The one that had a notice next to it in June saying it would be fixed in May.
The one that finally, after months of passengers staggering down hundreds of stairs, was working a week ago.
Well guess isn’t working any more.
It lasted a week before flunking out of action again due to, wait for it, a “mechanical defect”.
You have got to be having the biggest laugh of your lives TfL - please tell me this is just a wind up.
Once again the hundreds of passengers are tottering down the stairs to get the overpacked, crammed, late and delayed trains.
I suppose a week isn’t a bad result for nine months of “work” fixing the thing.

(Open but not moving)
Well, it isn’t if TfL are in charge of the operation.
Oh, and there have been so many catastrophic delays and cock ups in the past few weeks that I have given up logging them.
My patience doesn’t have a tether long enough for their soap opera of debacles.
Olympics - 21 days away, God help us.

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