Sunday, 10 June 2012

Madonna gives a flash of her breast during performance in Istanbul

Madonna’s MDNA world tour continues to charge across the globe after kicking off in Tel Aviv last week.
After leaving the Middle East it arrived in Rome yesterday.
Our beloved Queen of Controversy, though, made sure she left an impact on part of the world where eyebrows are admittedly easier to raise.
Now, it is simply not in my remit to say anything derogatory about Her Madge - it’s a vow I took around 30 years ago when my lifelong obsession began.
However, I was surprised to see her pull some of the old shock magic out of the bag after toning it down over the past decade.
You see, shock tactics weren’t all she pulled out during a performance in Turkey, at the weekend.
Still eager to leave an impression, the Queen of Pop gave the largely Islamic audience in Istanbul a flash of one of her most famous assets - minus the coned bustier.

The image was around the net quicker than you could cringe ‘put it away grandma’, and pasted on the Daily Mail's website for the haters to have a good old pop at.
I have to say, yes I faithfully dote on the woman’s every move, but I was (ever so) slightly disappointed as I have come to love the buttoned-up-to-the-neck with pearls look Madonna has taken during her ‘later’ years.
That said, she has always pushed the boundaries, and kept abreast (excuse the pun) of what is current and likely to keep her in the public eye.
MDNA, like Blond Ambition 22 years prior, seems designed to get the more conservative audience members flustered. Not hard as we are all in our late 30s and 40s now.

The show opens with her wielding a machine gun from a confessional suspended above the stage - decked out like a cathedral complete with robed, bell-ringing monks.
There is a motel room shoot out complete with pistols and blood-splattered walls.

Before going on tour Madonna warned she intended to use the extreme violence throughout the performance to exorcise her inner demons.
I say you do whatever it takes Madge, you have and will always know how to put on an amazing show.
So, I shall turn a blind eye to the flash of flesh, and wait with baited breath until Hyde Park next month.

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  1. maddona in istanbul, i wish i could be there to watch her performance