Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Madonna - flawless as she shoots her new video in Milan

OK, for the next few months my blog might have the odd burst of Madonna-themed content.

I have tried not to make it obsessive, but with the first lady of pop on tour and making videos, I can’t not include her now and then.

I do warn you though, I am in Hyde Park on July 17th when her MDNA tour stops of for a couple of days in Blighty.

If you are not a fan, best not to tune in that day!

Anyway, the most amazing woman in history has been recording a video in Milan, where she is also on tour.

So today my entry is simply these beautiful pictures of our queen in all her glory (many thanks

Non-Madonna fans, as always, look away, the rest of the world – enjoy!

In the business for 30 years - and her loyal fans still turn out to greet her 

On the set of the new video

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