Saturday, 30 June 2012

Disgraceful treatment of Bomber Command heroes by the British Government

Today’s Crap Service of the Week Award has a slightly more sombre tone than usual.
It goes to the British Government, in the week they refused to stump up for the ceremony to unveil the Bomber Command Memorial in London’s Green Park.
This is the same Government which splashes taxpayers’ cash around for penthouse apartments for Somalian refugees, which dishes out our hard-earned notes to work-shy teenagers with hoards of kids pushing their “entitlement” to benefits down our throats on a regular basis.
The Government which gives benefits to six million people in this country apparently too ill or hard-done-by to get off their backsides and pay for their own plasma screen tv and fags.
Our veterans, who risked their lives time and time again for their country, can expect a big fat £0 from the Ministry of Defence for their efforts.
They face having to cough up £70,000 from their own pockets to pick up the bill for unveiling the memorial they waited almost 70 years for.
The pensioners, trustees of the Bomber Command Association, will be personally liable for the cost of staging the event if they fail to raise the money through donations.
The Bomber Command Association has spent £5 million to build the memorial, opened by HM The Queen on Thursday, which commemorates the 55,573 Bomber Command airmen who died in the Second World War.
Although the memorial was funded mainly through donations, the Government did see fit to contribute £1million  towards the VAT costs of its construction.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has said it will “make a contribution” to the unveiling ceremony although is has not said how much.
A Government spokesman said: “The Government does not usually support opening ceremonies for public memorials.
“However, given the unique circumstances of the Bomber Command Memorial, an exception has been made in this case.
“The Government will make a contribution towards the opening ceremony to help cover the additional costs of seating and security for the many veterans wish to see the unveiling of this important memorial.”
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