Saturday, 26 October 2013

MEGASTORM: Why is it coming and what can we expect?

There is a very strong storm system - dubbed megastorm - heading towards the UK over the next 48 hours.

Southern coastal regions are expected be see gusts up to and maybe above 100mph while inland winds of 70-80mph are likely to be destructive.

The Met Office has described this as an “unusual” autumn weather pattern, its severity could be on a par with the 1990 Burns Night Storm.

Other forecasters say we could be in for a repeat of the Great Storm of 1987 - I have spoken to former BBC forecaster Michael Fish, whose report from October 15 that year catapulted him to weather reporting infamy, and he agrees there is a something big on the way.

So what is going on? And should be worried?

In answer to the second question, experts warn winds will be strong enough to uproot trees, bring down power cables and cause structural damage across much of the South.

The advice is not to travel unless absolutely necessary and check with airlines if you are flying on Monday.

Winds near the coast will be strong enough to whip up high waves, so flooding in these areas is a risk and walkers are urged to keep well away from coastal tracks.

The answer to the first question is explained by Met Office deputy chief forecaster Dan Suri - I have included his video.

This ‘megastorm’ has not actually formed yet, even this close to the event, it is still a system of weather patterns swirling and mixing before heading to the UK.

Dan explains there is currently an area of cloudy weather over the Great Lakes in America which is set to merge with another weather system over the Caribbean.

The resulting toxic combination will create the storm, in a nutshell all the right ingredients have come together all at the same time, something that doesn’t happen that often.

Dan explained that the storm is expected to get picked up by the jet stream - a fast ribbon of air circulating the globe - over the Atlantic, and this will charge the storm as it hits the UK.

Its exact course is still to early to pin point, however the Met Office has a high degree of certainty that it will enter from the west of the country and pass across southern regions with the South taking the full impact.

Areas most at risk include Devon and Cornwall, London, East Anglia and Norfolk, Kent and the south coast.

Much of England is expected to be very gusty indeed.

The full impact of the storm is expected to hit in the early hours of Monday, although gusts will start to pick up on Sunday night and the worst of it will last a couple of hours, forecasters think.

The advice is to keep up to date with the Met Office warnings at, don’t travel unless necessary, and make sure unstable garden furniture etc is tucked away.

And please watch out for pets.


  1. There may be a very nasty storm coming, I agree, because the Met Office have issued the forecast.

    The fact remains, however, that your weather related reporting in the Daily Express is usually sensationalist, irresponsible and plainly wrong. You have been told this many times and yet you persist in writing ludicrous scare stories, presumably to help sell a failing newspaper.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, This idiot is so miserable ideal for the Guardian. So what of his education bla bla. Private education for a start. Totally spoilt brat. So damn left by the sound of things. Needs wacking

  2. "A VIOLENT superstorm capable of causing NATIONWIDE devastation is smashing into Britain. "
    What prick wrote this headline? Oh yes I should have guessed, the fucking idiot Nathan Rao. You could almost laugh, except that there will be vulnerable and elderly people who will read it and be in fear because they believe what they read in the newspapers.
    Little do they realise that these headlines are invented by sycophantic idiots (or should that just be sycos?) like Rao, to sell their scummy newspapers. Unfortunately as the slimy owners of the Express refuse to sign up to the PCC, we cannot even make a formal complaint.
    People like Rao are simply scum.