Monday, 24 June 2013

Oh come on Trace........Birds of a Feather is back!

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will have felt a surge of joy at the news one of the decade’s most loved television sitcoms is back.

Yes, last week it was revealed Sharon, Tracey and Dorian will once again be puffing on fags and talking coarse in Chigwell  - Birds of a Feather is set to return.

Ok, it wasn’t quite the 80s, having started in 1989 and running into the early 90s before coming to an end after nine series.

But for people of my generation who grew up with Del Boy and Rodney, Victor Meldrew and Margaret and the irrepressible Hyacinth ‘Bouquet’ Bucket, the return of the cockney girls and their oversexed next door neighbour will be cause to switch television sets across the nation back on.

On face value it sounds like fantastic news.

These sitcoms along with many from that era had all the charm and humour modern television lacks.

There was an element of amateurism - the shaky sets and unpolished story lines, but that's what held their appeal, in my opinion.

Nothing raised a laugh as much as seeing set-upon Victor buried up to his neck in his back garden with a flower pot over his head. Or middle-aged Dorian Green up to her crotch in mini-skirt and gold bling desperately trying to snare a man 20 years younger.

They were a bit cheesy and predictable but there was nothing sinister and the simplicity made it all the more funny.

No deep understanding of politics was needed, no knowledge of any hidden culture was essential to get the jokes - just a sense of humour.

I remember the highlight of Christmas Day being the Birds of a Feather special and they usually didn’t disappoint.

But will they come up to the mark more than 20 years later.

We have to remember a lot has changed since then we have computers, mobiles, social networking, it is a different world.

Not to mention Sharon, Tracey and Dorian are now... well, elderly, and their jailbird husbands have long since left the nick, hopefully having kept their noses clean.

I am hopeful for the new series although slightly wary - part of me thinks that what happened in the 80s is best left in the 80s.

However, I loved the series and hope they can resurrect it with as much charm as I remember from when it was in its prime.

Shooting will begin in September for broadcast next year - I have to say I can’t wait!

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