Monday, 10 June 2013

Natalie Holt - the Britain's Got Talent egg-throwing idiot

So the vile creature who chucked eggs during the finals of Britain’s Got Talent is now a hot topic of discussion.

After selfishly sabotaging classical singers Richard and Adam Johnson’s deciding performance she is now hogging the front pages.

Despite being insistent she didn’t do it as a tacky publicity stunt, Natalie Holt is now scuttling, tongue wagging, to the national press.

For anyone in the dark, she is the one who was so put out at having been over-looked at her own audition previously that she decided to ruin someone else's.

On Saturday's Britain’s Got Talent live final she burst onto stage and, grinning like a simpleton, started hurling eggs at Simon Cowell.

This grubby and attention seeking act of self-publicicty raised a few laughs in living rooms around the country I am sure, although it was this idiotic woman who was ultimately left with egg on her face. 

And she had a lucky escape, throwing missiles at people I would have thought may be considered assault. Fortunately for her Mr Cowell, whatever you think of him, has graciously brushed off the incident - literally.

Richard and Adam did not win the contest though thankfully they did not seem too put off by Holt's nasty and self-centered act of aggression.

And the final victors, through virtue of their stunning performance, were shadow dance act Attraction.

The fact that you, Miss Holt, had absolutely no regard for the two young people trying to make the best of an opportunity of a lifetime is not really the issue.

That you felt it was your right, for whatever reason, to physically attack and threaten someone by throwing eggs at them, does not really interest me.

The arrogant smirk as you maliciously hijacked someone’s precious chance to change their lives is what I would expect from people like you.

Someone with no more talent or appeal than a cheap streaker who tries to snatch attention at a football match by running across the pitch naked.

No, the thing that irritates me is how you have now slithered back out of the woodwork to push your seedy story.

As if anyone cares - out of interest who is that you think gives tuppence?

Madam, I have news for you, after this week nobody will remember who you are and more importantly nobody will care.

Make the most of your 15 minutes as you are about to slip back into the obscurity your lack of real talent gave you such privilege to.

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