Sunday, 17 March 2013

Madonna: "Are you ready to start a revolution?"

Ok, anyone who knows me will agree I never need much of a reason to launch into a tirade of Madonna appreciation.

I have admittedly followed her every word, melody, video, statement and ideal with devotion over the past 30 years - almost.

And even though I am edging towards 40, three decades after falling in love with the world's greatest entertainer, nothing has changed.

People argue she is not the best singer, dancer or actor and although it may come as a bit of surprise, I can see that point of view.

However, that's all part of the magic.

It's not that Madonna was born with an un-matched talent which propelled her to 'greatest-star-in-the-world' status.

It is her inspirational level of self-belief, her never taking no for an answer, and her tireless work ethic which has driven her to the top.

And, after most of the others have fallen by the wayside, she is still here. Yes she looks older but she's 55 for God's sake, but she is, however, still her fans' beloved Madonna.

Despite her fame and fortune she has always championed the underdog and despite fierce criticism has openly supported causes others have distanced themselves from. 

She dared to deal with AIDS in the late 1980s when others were keeping as far away from it as they could.

She has supported gays when it was very unfashionable to do so, and has made clear her hatred of racial intolerance through her music and stage performances.

Nothing has changed.

This week our queen presented CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award - named after the activist and film historian who was one of the founding member of media watchdog group Glaad, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Before handing it over she made a speech about injustice in the world which she is unprepared to turn a blind eye to, giving examples others have kept safely tight-lipped about.

The tyranny of the Russian Government in jailing pop group Pussy Riot for speaking out about the regime to name but one.

Have a watch, no I'm not sure about the boy scout costume worn to protest about the Boy Scouts' ban on gay members - but who am I to question?!

She asks "Are you ready to start a revolution?" - well are you?

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