Wednesday, 28 November 2012

This Morning and the weather, again

When others laugh at your efforts it is always nice to know you can rely on your friends to back you up.

As Britain recovers from a 10-day rain onslaught which has left parts of the country floundering in knee-deep floodwater,  the next turn in winter’s chilly tale prepares to take effect.

It is going to be cold over the next few days with forecasters predicting show and ice and all manner of shivery disruption as we are plunged into winter.

When the threat of an Arctic blast looms, I am the first to start rallying the troops and calling up long-range forecasters to see what the prognosis is.

And of course it is usually on the front page of the paper, because, like it or lump it the weather is a hot (or not so hot) talking point.

For some treason this offends a lot of people – I’m not going to go into details, you just need to read the comments section on the Express website.

But it also entertains and the Express’s biggest fans at This Morning were quick to get stuck in when the weather became the topic of conversation yesterday.

Presenters Phillip and Holly latched onto the Polar Blast with their usual glee and launched into a discussion about the cold weather on the way.

Then, to my horror, one of their guests dismissed all my hard work a with: “it’s only the Express that says the cold is coming so should be taken with a pinch of salt”.

Blinkin’ cheek.

But  within a second our good pal Phil had leapt to our defence.

He then went on to remind viewers that the Daily Express is his favourite paper, especially when it comes to the weather-  thanks Phil!

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  1. Most of your weather related stories are sensationalist and highly inaccurate. And even if they were what?