Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Assault" teacher cleared in a victory for common sense

All please put your hands together and give a big round of applause to Blackburn Magistrate Graham Parr.

Mr Parr today wielded the sword of justice, allowing it to come down firmly on the side of common sense.

He struck a victory for all that is good and decent, and a blow for the namby-pamby, sandal-wearing do-gooders intent on dragging society down into the ever widening sewer of political correctness.

I am referring to the case of teacher Roy Cope (left. PIC: CAVENDISH NEWS),  spared jail after suffering a five-month court ordeal accused of “assaulting” an unruly pupil.

I didn’t need to read any further than this to know where my support lay.

When these things come to court lawyers paint pictures of innocent, rosy-cheeked, angelic cherubs, terrorised at the hands of violent and aggressive monsters.

Please, spare me the drama. I am fully aware of the younger generation today and angelic they are not.

If a teacher is forced to take physical action, I am willing to bet it was thoroughly justified.

Mr Cope had restrained this particular pupil after he hit 10 of his fellow classmates.

He described the youth’s behaviour as the “worst” he had seen in his 41-year career.

The 63-year-old deputy head was accused of holding him by the wrists and slapping him on the side of the head after he flew into an “incandescent rage”.

This takes me back to my school days - a similar thing happened to a boy in my class.

Well actually, he never got to the incandescent rage stage.

After cheeking the teacher he was hauled in front of the class, given a thorough whacking and made to stand in the corridor in tears for the rest of the lesson.

I don’t believe we ever got to see the incandescent rage side of that child’s nature for the rest of his time at school.

Of course things are very different now.

We live in an age of ADHD,  Aspergers Syndrome, hyperactivity, special needs, and “he’s not badly behaved he just has trouble expressing his needs”.

Swearing and hitting teachers earns a session with a counsellor.

Bringing a knife to school results in a meeting where the conclusion is drawn that particular yob needs a hug because he’s having problems at home.

Hug my backside is all I have to say on the matter, and bring back the birch.

Mr Cope OBE (Ok, I gave him that accolade myself - but if there’s any justice...)  was asked to intervene when the boy was ordered out of class and was spotted in a corridor shouting at another member of staff. 

He had become “hysterical and out of control” and one teacher, Thomas Lowe, said he had grabbed railings to stop him being taken to Mr Cope’s office, shouting “get off me, get off me”.

He said he saw Mr Cope hit the child and threaten to do it again if he did not calm down. 

He told magistrates: “Mr Cope was not using a technique I knew.

“The child’s arms were flailing and he kept on shouting, getting more and more hysterical. 

“Mr Cope released or lost control of the boy’s left arm and then he struck him across the face.”

“Not using a technique I knew”??? - let me,I know this technique Mr Lowe, it’s called giving an obnoxious, disobedient and badly-behaved brat a well-earned clip round the ear.

And I applaud Mr Cope for it - if there was a medal to be awarded I would be first in the queue to nominate him.

I am sure the parents were there in force spouting about their offspring’s rights, and demanding “compo”, in my opinion they too could do with a well-aimed kick up the rear.

Anyway, the case was thrown out of court - and jolly good job.

In my opinion, Mr Cope should be hailed as a hero, and the only thing to berate him over is that he didn’t give this child a whack round the head months ago.

But as I said, that’s just my opinion.

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